Dara Natura fruit

We would like to make difference between wild and cultivated fruit.

Dara Natura wild fruit

Wild fruits, like strawberries and blueberries. are being collected during the summer months in ecologically remote areas and nature preserves.Our collectors, followed by the sun, spend every day searching for the sweetest and most delicious strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.
The taste of Mother Nature’s presents cannot be compared to other fruits. What you taste is pure as you remember and rediscover flavourthe way nature intended.

Dara Natura cultivated fruit

Here we would like to provide special attention to our ‘fruit queen’: the raspberry. Dara Natura’s raspberries originate from Serbia, the country responsible for the care of more than one third of the world’s raspberry production.
As early as April farmers began to prepare for the upcoming harvest. All raspberry branches have been checked and trimmed. Next, the branches have been fastened and the ground has been naturally fertilized. During the month of June, the raspberries will be getting plenty of sun and enough rain, providing the finishing touches before the bountiful harvest.
A bumper crop year, a good harvest and your enjoyment of their sweet natural taste are the best reward for our dedicated farmers.